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Furcesi in America: following in the tracks of immigrants abroad

25/04/2012 09:14

Cartolina d'epoca da Jersey City

( Image above- a photo sent to Nino Allegra with an address on the back: 140 Prome…?? av.-Jersey City NY. )

LEGGI LA VERSIONE IN LINGUA ITALIANA: Furcesi d’America: sulle tracce delle comunità di emigrati

The community of the Furcesi in America certainly had to be rather huge and partecipating to the life of the birthplace. This connection is showed by the presence in Furci of a street called Furcesi of America Street ( on the left of the Church of the Madonna del Rosario ) that still today reminds us the close link with the Furcesi on the other side of the Ocean. A further comfirm of this partecipation can be found going back to the 1950s when, in the new seat of the town it was created a library offered by the Furcesi of America, or even before when, in various occasions, they economically partecipated to the creation of public and religious buildings.
Nowadays this link of blood is less strong with the new generations who, with time, lost the contact and perhaps the interest towards their own Sicilian origins.
Thanks to this space, allowing to us to break borders and distances, we would like to re-create a contact with our emigrated, older and younger “cucini”.
And not only the American ones.

So please contact us to introduce yourselves or simply to give us some news on this issue.

NDR. Articolo del 29 luglio 2008. Traduzione di Rita Latto.


Furcesi d'America, slide-apertura


  1. quante belle MEMORIE ….1955-1968!!

    Rita Zagari · 15/08/2012 16:59 · #


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